House & Garden magazine. Anthea's artwork featured here.
House & Garden magazine. Anthea's artwork featured here.

Author & Environmentalist

In my mixed media works I explore surface, texture, colour, shape, composition and markmaking,
forming abstracted images through which I try to convey my experiences of being in the landscape.
After sketching on site, these images are created from memory, of places that I have visited and
journeys I have undertaken which are of special significance to me.
Although mainly based in Norfolk, my life and work continues to take me to parts of the African
and Australian continents while my particular interest in the formation of landscape also leads
me to locations which are rich in history, geology and myth.
I am not interested in simply recording exactly what is in front of me but in somehow revealing the
hidden truth lying beneath the surface - the effects of time, the elements and human activity
upon the land.
My pigments are sourced from the location itself, ground and mixed with acrylic resins to achieve
a variety of finishes. Layers are built up and scraped away almost like an archaeological
process of excavation.


Blickling Gallery
March 20 - April 9
Blickling Hall, Aylsham, Norwich NR11 6NF

Norwich & Norfolk Open Studios
May 26 - June 10 (weekends only)

Recent Works
Earlham Studio, Norwich
40 Paintings on show - ongoing
Viewings welcome by appointment: 07754826500

Chongoni Womens Art Workshops September
UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dedza, Malawi
Anthea continues the work she started in 2012, training local women to produce crafts that they can sell to tourists visiting this information centre for historic rock art.
Norwich/Dedza Partnership

Anthea is currently represented in London
by Le Mur Vivant Fine Art